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ISSN 2153-4047

The Journal of Clinical Mindfulness & Meditation (JCMM) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering topics related to the clinical applications of mindfulness and other forms of meditation. The JCMM is published electronically by the Society for Clinical Mindfulness & Meditation. Full electronic access is given to all members.

**********The Journal is no longer being published************

Richard Sears, PsyD, MBA, ABPP
Center for Clinical Mindfulness & Meditation, Union Institute & University
School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University


Ruth Baer, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Kentucky, USA

Andrew Bein, PhD, LCSW
Division of Social Work
University of California, Sacramento, USA

Brian Denton, PsyD
School of Professional Psychology
Wright State University, USA

Vee Freir, D Clin Psychol
The Mindful Consultancy LLP
The Keil Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Stella Marrie, PsyD
Union Institute & University, USA

Jayde Pryzgoda, PhD
Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle, USA

Brian Thompson, PhD
Portland Psychotherapy, USA

Roger Thomson, PhD
Integrative Health Partners LLC
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA

Dennis Tirch, PhD
American Institute for Cognitive Therapy
Albert Einstein Medical School
New York Medical College, USA